How to get your car ready for a long road trip… short version :)

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Working on car can be such a hassle.  I mean sometimes it just feels down right daunting.  The task of fixing anything of your own now days is basically obsolete, but for me this isn’t the case and I not only LOVE doing it but i also love the fact that it saves me TONS of money like switching to geico… 🙂

The first step in getting my car ready was to get an inspection sticker.  For me this was not an easy task as I drive a 2000 honda odyssey with 280,000 miles on it!

I mean this car has got to be the most hideous piece of metal you’ve ever laid your eyes on, but OMG has it gotten me out of some tough spots…

Anyway back to the steps..

STEP 1:  Make sure your car is inspected by a quality garage and take the necessary steps to fix it if it doesn’t pass.

STEP 2: MECHANICAL… Change out parts that need fixing for example:  I replaced my radiator and also my power steering hose which both had severe leaks and would have had me over heating and working my muscles to turn the wheel.

STEP 3: INTERNAL…  Once you’ve gotten all the parts necessary to keep you from breaking down mechanically, it’s time to shift your focus to my favorite part… Esthetics

… That’s right the look if the inside of your car (if you’re living in it for long periods at a time) is very important as you will be calling this home for a while and want to make it as comfortable as possible.  You can also make this super custom and make it your own.

I have absolutely zero experience in building or craftsmanship, but I’m able to watch videos and get ideas from other people who have done it before me, which makes it much easier.

STEP 4: INSULATE..  Make sure that you take the time to properly insulate the vehicle’s floor, sides, and ceiling.  I’ve run into situations where I had to sleep in my car (not on purpose) but simply by getting caught in a snow storm in a walmart parking lot. It was SUPER cold and not enjoyable at all.  On the other side it can help trap some of that cold air when it’s hot outside.  I used a mix of Great Stuff expanding spray insulation which was fantastic and a rolls of duck cloth I found.

STEP 5: CHECKLIST… Make sure you have a checklist of everything that you’ve done to the vehicle and go over it one last time before you hit the road!

Again this is a super vague list but gives you an idea of what I did and how to get started with not a lot of money.  Life’s short so you might as well go out and make someone smile!